Shameless displacement activity (was pronouncing Neil Gaiman)

Charles Butler hannibal at
Tue Nov 25 11:28:37 EST 2003

Philip (now writing not just as one man but as a whole generation?):
> A while, died Odysseus.
> (I'll dry my eyes anon)
> Why dial to farthest Ithaca?
> Aye! The wild-eyed one is gone.

I like it :-)

> PS Did you really mean "wile-dyed"?  I'd love to have got "dye" in
> there, but I fear you meant "wild-eyed".

It was my attempt - perhaps not wholly successful! - at a suitably Homeric
epithet. Odysseus, as the inventor of the Trojan horse and many another
devious stratagem, can claim to be wily through and through - therefore,


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