Teaching books (was Re: Pratchett)

Sally Odgers sodgers at tassie.net.au
Mon Nov 24 20:02:53 EST 2003

> My biggest problem is keeping her under the illusion that her mom knows
> best.  I have to limit the number of crap books she brings home from the
> library--even though the books she *loves* are the good ones, she still
> likes Pokemon novelizations.  Twerp.

Good taste often develops rather late in childhood, Melissa. My very
beautiful daughter started taking an interest in clothes when she was very
young, but her taste was (by adult standards) pretty bad. At 11 she went for
lavender fake satin with nylon lace. (At the market. Cheap.) At 13 she was
treading on the hems of her trousers and wearing very slopps tops that
drooped.  At 15 she went for the "tart" look. At 16 she blossomed into
suddenly knowing exactly what to wear and how... and has never put a foot
wrong since.  Of course, clothes aren't books, but you see what I mean...


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