Last Unicorn

deborah deborah at
Sun Nov 23 16:06:38 EST 2003

On Mon, 24 Nov 2003, Sarah wrote:
|> For rereading, I'll take Giant Bones any day.  Did I mention here that
|> they're doing a live-action Last Unicorn?  With many of the same actors
|> as the animated one?
|> - -deborah
|Well, with Christopher Lee as King Haggard, anyway. I don't remember
|about anyone else. He *is* in demand lately, isn't he? A pity he's so
|disappointed about the whole 'Return of the King' cutting thing.

Same: Christopher Lee ....  King Haggard
Same: Angela Lansbury ....  Mommy Fortuna
Same: Rene Auberjonois ....  Captain Cully and voice of the Skull (voice)

Interestingly different: Mia Farrow ....  Molly Grue  (instead of the

And a big old hmmm: Jonathan Rhys-Meyers ....  Schmendrick


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