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> For those who wanted to see Richard E. Grant as Howl (I seem to 
> remember
> there were some such), point your browser at
> http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/doctorwho/shalka/ - he's become Dr Who 
> instead!
> Charlie

And a magnificently cadaverous, supercilious Doctor he is too.

> I always thought he'd make a good Doctor Who, in fact
> he gets my vote for the new series next year.
> Jon

Tom Baker very mischievously spread a rumour that the new Doctor would 
be Graham Norton. He is a *naughty* old man.

> Just a different form of John (although I prefer to
> think of John as a different form of Jon). When we
> named our youngest Sarah, though, we made sure it had
> a H, (probably used the spare one from my name) for
> exactly the reason this list's Sarah quoted from
> Pratchett. (or was that someone else)
> Jon

Aye, 'twas I.
The first Jon I ever encountered was the cat's owner in 'Garfield.' I'm 
not sure what that's done to my perception of the name, but it doesn't 
make me swoon.

> Dorian: I don't at all see why it should be either of those things.  I 
> am a writer
> (though as yet unpublished - but I'm working on it!), and the mere 
> thought
> of literary critics reading - or worse, writing about - my work gives 
> me the
> screaming heebie-jeebies!  I *don't* write Literary Fiction, and were
> literary critics to praise my work, I fear that a bunch of LitFic fans 
> would
> read it and be disappointed, and a bunch of SpecFic fans would be put 
> off
> reading it altogether (*I* rarely read anything praised by The 
> Critics).

Didn't he make rather a bitter speech when accepting the Carnegie Medal 
(or whatever it was) for 'The Amazing Maurice and His Educated 
Rodents,' about fantasy not being taken seriously as [children's] 
literature? I think he has a rather ambivalent relationship with 
'serious' critics.

> Dorian: Nod.  I personally don't feel Pratchett really got into his 
> stride until
> about "Wyrd Sisters".  Then again, while I adore the Luggage, I can't 
> abide
> Rincewind, which makes liking either of his first two rather 
> difficult. :-)

I thought 'Mort' was the first thoroughly good book. The development of 
Death as a sympathetic character had a lot to do with that. 'Equal 
Rites' had its moments too.

> For rereading, I'll take Giant Bones any day.  Did I mention here that
> they're doing a live-action Last Unicorn?  With many of the same actors
> as the animated one?
> - -deborah

Well, with Christopher Lee as King Haggard, anyway. I don't remember 
about anyone else. He *is* in demand lately, isn't he? A pity he's so 
disappointed about the whole 'Return of the King' cutting thing.

> Charlie: You no doubt all know that the first collection of academic 
> essays on
> Pratchett was entitled 'Guilty of Literature' (I assume that's a quote 
> from
> him, though not being a Pratchett follower I couldn't say for sure 
> what the
> context was).

I do recall that some of his 'about the author' blurbs say 
'Occasionally he gets accused of literature.' Perhaps the title of the 
collection was in response to that.

E you later,
(the artist formerly known as Sarah-neko)

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