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Sat Nov 22 13:30:51 EST 2003

Charlie wrote:

>Doesn't somebody on this list have a sig. to the effect that there are two
>kinds of intelligence - the kind that knows things itself and the kind that
>knows where to look to find out?. I'm sure I noticed it recently, because
>I've just been rereading *The Prince* and Machiavelli says something very
>similar (quite a recommendation). Course, on this list and elsewhere both
>kinds of intelligence have been known to coexist happily inside the same

Whilst we are hunting such stuff, someone here will know: who was the
inspired educational expert who said something to the effect "our business
in education should be not to teach children facts but to teach them how to
find facts"?

I may have completely garbled it; it may be that the second "facts" was
"truths", and it may be "find out" rather than "find", but I would like to
have it correct, because it sounds like somebody who had the right idea.

So if anyone here happens to be the genius who has that particular quote in



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