Charles Butler hannibal at
Fri Nov 21 16:55:20 EST 2003

> Well...okay.  It's the lit critics that deal with Literary Fiction who
> me most.

You no doubt all know that the first collection of academic essays on
Pratchett was entitled 'Guilty of Literature' (I assume that's a quote from
him, though not being a Pratchett follower I couldn't say for sure what the
context was).

I heard him in a radio interview after *The Amazing Maurice and his Educated
Rodents* won the Carnegie, saying (re. the world of Booker Prize type
literary fiction) that he didn't think he was that good a writer - clever
yes, but not that good: his words, don't ask me to explain/defend them! He
added that he thought about the world of literary fiction rather in the way
that he thought about Tibet: it was very beautiful, but it was a long way
off, and they were never going to make him Dalai Lama.

Or words to that effect. Someone else may have the exact quote - I was too
busy cooking supper to write it down.


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