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Wed Nov 19 17:59:37 EST 2003

Jenne replied to me about "Bimbos of the Death Sun"...

> *sigh* My big thing about it was that, from where I sat, the theme was "SF
> cons are for idiots. Also, they let fat girls get laid by guys who don't
> get out, ever, and thus distract them from the business of getting thin."
> (in other words, the whole book rang with the Successful Dieter's cry of
> "Look at me! I got thin! I don't have to associate with these Losers
> Anymore!"
> But then, I'd never been to a con before I read the thing, and the chance
> that I'd meet someone there as nasty and vicious as Sharon McCrumb
> convinced me to avoid them for a good long time afterward.

Hm.  I read it *after* attending several cons (both SF and gaming), and my
reaction was "yep, cons really are like that.  Heeheeheeheeheeeeeee!"  I
didn't get a "cons are for idiots" vibe at all.
> > Wish I could find a copy of "The Little White Horse".  I haven't read it
> > since I was a kid, and I know I loved it then.  I want to reread it!
> Oddly enough it seems to have been re-released in November 2001 in the
> US, by Puffin (in the midst of the great
> re-issuing-kids-books-with-higher-prices craze...) You can buy a copy for
> $5.99

Given book prices here, probably rather more...but I'll look out for it.
Thanks for the info.

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