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Wed Nov 19 17:24:00 EST 2003

> > _Bimbos of the Death Sun_ (Another ghastly book...)
> Oy!  I love that book!  (My only quibble being that I came up with the
> idea - due to a ghastly regular at one of my local games cons - about two
> years before I read the book, and have ever since been mildly miffed that
> Someone Wrote It Already!)

*sigh* My big thing about it was that, from where I sat, the theme was "SF
cons are for idiots. Also, they let fat girls get laid by guys who don't
get out, ever, and thus distract them from the business of getting thin."
(in other words, the whole book rang with the Successful Dieter's cry of
"Look at me! I got thin! I don't have to associate with these Losers

But then, I'd never been to a con before I read the thing, and the chance
that I'd meet someone there as nasty and vicious as Sharon McCrumb
convinced me to avoid them for a good long time afterward.

> Wish I could find a copy of "The Little White Horse".  I haven't read it
> since I was a kid, and I know I loved it then.  I want to reread it!

Oddly enough it seems to have been re-released in November 2001 in the
US, by Puffin (in the midst of the great
re-issuing-kids-books-with-higher-prices craze...) You can buy a copy for

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