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Jenne said...

> Sorry, I got it mixed up. I meant _The Colour of Magic_. Ghastly book,
> especially the parts where he tries to parody McCaffrey (though I think
> that part parodied PernMUSH participants rather well...)

Nod.  I personally don't feel Pratchett really got into his stride until
about "Wyrd Sisters".  Then again, while I adore the Luggage, I can't abide
Rincewind, which makes liking either of his first two rather difficult. :-)

> _Bimbos of the Death Sun_ (Another ghastly book...)

Oy!  I love that book!  (My only quibble being that I came up with the
idea - due to a ghastly regular at one of my local games cons - about two
years before I read the book, and have ever since been mildly miffed that
Someone Wrote It Already!)
> To get onto a much more pleasant subject, I've been alternating between
> Pratchett's _Moving Pictures_ and Elizabeth Goudge's _The Little White
> Horse_. Fun, except for the whiplash of the irony gland.

Wish I could find a copy of "The Little White Horse".  I haven't read it
since I was a kid, and I know I loved it then.  I want to reread it!

Until the sky falls on our heads...

Dorian (currently rereading "Tam Lin" and "Komarr").
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