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Robyn said...

> Very cunning, if it exists. I've read a couple of comments in which he
> resists the idea that literary critics might be reading his work, but I
> wondered if that was false humility or leg-pulling.

I don't at all see why it should be either of those things.  I am a writer
(though as yet unpublished - but I'm working on it!), and the mere thought
of literary critics reading - or worse, writing about - my work gives me the
screaming heebie-jeebies!  I *don't* write Literary Fiction, and were
literary critics to praise my work, I fear that a bunch of LitFic fans would
read it and be disappointed, and a bunch of SpecFic fans would be put off
reading it altogether (*I* rarely read anything praised by The Critics).

I think it's a perfectly valid stance on Pratchett's part, and I heartily
sympathise with him.  (Then again, I write urban fantasy and even when I do
get published, am highly unlikely to attract the attention of The Critics.
Which is a great relief to me.)

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