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Wed Nov 19 11:29:53 EST 2003

jenne at wrote:
>>>I think that's true. I was interested in Otter's comment about the idea
>>>that he has fans who will follow him now, so he can write more seriously.
>>If that's the case, though, he's still risking alienating his core audience
>>if he drifts too far away from what made those people fans in the first
>>place.  Though that's so obvious I don't know why I bother pointing it out;
>>it happens all the time.
> Well, his major fans in the US have read the _Johnny_ series, which is
> definitely rather serious with a lot of funny bits. (I hope that series is
> more available in the UK than in the US!)

His major fans in the USofA have read every word they can get their
hands on, including _Strata_ and _The Carpet People_, never mind
the Johnny series.  And the plays, and the diaries, and Nanny Ogg's
cookbook, and Langford's quiz books.  And so on.  And own the game

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