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Tue Nov 18 23:21:30 EST 2003

> > > _The Source of Magic_ was actually pretty foul, in
> > my opinion... he really
> > > only got going several books later. On the other
> > hand, my favorites are
> > > _Witches Abroad_, _Lords and Ladies_, and _Fifth
> > Elephant_, so you really
> > > know where _I_ stand...
> >
> > _The Source of Magic_?
> >
> Isn't that Piers Anthony? if read in mistake for a
> Pratchett no wonder it wasn't liked.

Sorry, I got it mixed up. I meant _The Colour of Magic_. Ghastly book,
especially the parts where he tries to parody McCaffrey (though I think
that part parodied PernMUSH participants rather well...)

Now, admittedly, Rincewind is not my favorite character in general, though
he's rather likeable in _Interesting Times_. Most of the rest of the time
he's entirely too much like the men of the SF con circuit that Sharon
McCrumb would have given her eye-teeth to parody as convincingly in
_Bimbos of the Death Sun_ (Another ghastly book...)

To get onto a much more pleasant subject, I've been alternating between
Pratchett's _Moving Pictures_ and Elizabeth Goudge's _The Little White
Horse_. Fun, except for the whiplash of the irony gland.

-- Pani Jadwiga Zajaczkowa, Knowledge Pika jenne at
"And sin, young man, is when you treat people as things. Including
yourself. That's what sin is." -- Terry Pratchett, _Carpe Jugulum_

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