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> > By the way, I just recently read a teen novel,
> > 1950's I think, in which a 
> > couple of girls remark on the utter swooniness (or
> > words to that effect) of the 
> > name Jon-without-an-H. 
> Do you remember what it was? it sounds like a quote
> I'll have to use sometime.
> Jon
It's in _Practically Seventeen_, by Rosamond du Jardin, copyright 1943. The 
heroine, Tobey, says "My first step was to invent a boy named Jon Hayward. I 
have always loved the name Jon without an 'h' in it, and have never met anyone 
whose parents were considerate enough to call him that."

Then she tells her best friend, Barbie (yes, really! Barbie!) that she's been 
invited to the Hop by said Jon Hayward, and it says "Barbie leaned her chin 
on her palm and stared dreamily into space. 'A man named Jon -- I've always 
wanted to meet one. Without an 'h,' I mean. Aren't you just thrilled, Tobey?"

No, it wasn't all like that, or I wouldn't have read the whole thing! 

Helen Schinske
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