Robyn Starkey rohina at
Tue Nov 18 12:51:57 EST 2003

>I knew what the joke was from the start, having read the full version of the
>title quote (I never get to be in on these things; I felt all smug and
>happy), but I had no idea it was going to go so *far*.

I had the same experience. It started to be very silly, and then it just 
got funnier with every repetition.

>Anyone know if this is a permanent change for Pratchett, away from the light
>humor toward a more serious story enlivened by humorous moments?  _Night
>Watch_ was in the same vein, so I wonder....

I thought Monstrous Regiment was considerably lighter than Night Watch, but 
I agree that Pratchett seems to be doing much more than just playing for 
laughs. I think, though that the change was earlier. The Truth seems to be 
a book in a similar vein.

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