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> JOdel (on Simpsons/Groening-naming): And named Homer after his own 
> father. Which rather pinted himself into a
> corner in that when the time came round he felt half-way obliged to 
> name his own
> kid Homer.

I do know that one of his sons is named Abe, like Grandpa Simpson. It 
just goes round and round.
All of the Simpsons are named after the Groenings, actually - Matt had 
sisters named Lisa and Margaret, although he also has an older brother 
who didn't get immortalised this way so naturally I can't remember his 
In New Zealand there is a TV news reporter named Lisa Simpson. One 
hopes she is proud of her namesake.

> Sarah wrote:
>> Groening rhymes with complaining.
> Otter replied: Oooooh, thanks.  I never _did_ know how to pronounce it.

And that's the example Mr Groening gives himself. I like the fact that 
he chose 'complaining' of all words. Could have been 'straining' or 
'raining' or 'maintaining'... no, he picks 'complaining.'

> (umlauts and diareses)
> The Shorter Oxford (1933 or 1972 or even 1993), and
> Chambers 1988, each know that the umlaut isn't the
> little dots; the most recent S.O.D. gives them as the
> second meaning; Collins says umlaut is the two dots.
> *sigh*  I think perhaps Collins is not in step with
> the rest.  Or else the meaning has changed since 1993,
> in each case.
> Minnow

Sometimes punctuation marks are known by different names. For instance, 
this: † (hope it comes out right on your screens) is sometimes called a 
dagger and sometimes, for reasons I don't know, an obelisk. (Since, in 
some systems of notation, an asterisk is followed by an obelisk, this 
is the source of the names Asterix and Obelix - the idea being that 
they invariably go together. I had been reading Asterix books for about 
twenty years before I finally got that. Hurrah!)
So perhaps both diaeresis *and* umlaut are legitimate names for a ¨and 
dictionaries have different preferences? After all, the OED wants us to 
spell the Bard of Avon's name Shakspeare, although they grudgingly 
admit that most people prefer Shakespeare. Lexicographers can be funny 

> No.  They gave me the name of a very annoying heroine from Irish myth
> (Grainne).  I named myself Dorian Gray.  Well...it sorta happened.  
> Long
> story, but basically it was a "handle" that stuck.

Aha! I just wondered.
I used to know a chap called Sam Hill. What the...

> I rather hope it was! But you hear so many stories about people who had
> strange things done to their names at Ellis Island that it's hard to be
> sure...  Sarah?
> Charlie

What's bad about 'Groening' rhyming with 'complaining'? It would be 
worse if it was pronounced 'groaning,' which I've seen people try to do.
I don't mean it's pronounced 'gromplaining'! *^.^* It just has the same 
'aining' sound.

E you later,
(the artist formerly known as Sarah-neko)

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