Gaiman's "Endless Nights"

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Fri Nov 14 15:57:26 EST 2003

Tanaqui wrote:

>I'd much rather have the story which remains unwritten, about the baby
>destined to remain unborn. Neil decided that it would end up being used
>by White Rose/SPUC types to persuade people to go through with pregnancies
>against their better instincts. I think this is a sad rationale, but the
>Gestation Story Which Doesn't Bear Literary Fruit is a nice conceit, anyway.

He's got a lot of flak for that in various places: I bet he wishes he'd
never mentioned it, if he's going to be called all sorts of coward for not
writing it after all.  Damned if you do damned if you don't, now.

I am still glad that he didn't in the end write one of the early Sandman
issues the way he originally told it -- in a candle-lit basement restaurant
in Chelsea, with the girl who was the model for Death waiting at the
tables, no less -- the one that is set in an all-night diner in which
everyone comes to a nasty end.  In the first draft as related, the girl
behind the counter was babysitting a four-year-old, who also got messily
disposed of.  Mind you, we all knew he wouldn't do it really, not when he
had a four-year-old daughter at the time!  He was just trying to give Dave
McKean nightmares.

>Gaimani archetypes...

Not Gaimanic?




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