Gaiman's "Endless Nights"

Tanaqui Weaver cen at
Fri Nov 14 12:17:32 EST 2003

I think it must be the Dream story with personified stars that is the
_Dogsbody_ link... nothing else fits.

That story, though, seems to contradict what Dream tells Nada about
his personal life when she first meets the handsome stranger and
realises that he's Endless.
I'd much rather have the story which remains unwritten, about the baby
destined to remain unborn. Neil decided that it would end up being used
by White Rose/SPUC types to persuade people to go through with pregnancies
against their better instincts. I think this is a sad rationale, but the
Gestation Story Which Doesn't Bear Literary Fruit is a nice conceit, anyway.

Right, I'm just off to follow some other moral imperatives I've picked up
from Gaimani archetypes...

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