Charles Butler hannibal at
Fri Nov 14 03:21:14 EST 2003

Many, many years ago when I did German at
school our german teacher (who was German) seemed to
think that the two dots were called an umlaut
(although i may have misinterpreted what he said)

That was certainly the impression I got from my German teacher (this was
only many years ago, not many many ;-)). On the other hand, my teacher had
not been trained as a teacher, I think, so may not have been up to speed on
the linguistic niceties - he was a POW who married a local girl and stayed
on. His favourite trick was to tie a felt-tip pen to the end of a long
window hook, so that he could paint the face of any slacking child in the
classroom without having to get up from his seat. This dubious pedagogical
approach did get him good results, though!


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