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Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Wed Nov 12 20:45:04 EST 2003

> > One of my English professors told me that the idea
> > one should not move
> > one's lips while reading silently is of fairly
> > modern vintage.
> > Apparently it used to be normal, and... oh, bugger,
> > I can't remember
> > WHO, it's Christopher Milne and Little Lord
> > Fauntleroy all over
> > again... okay, I THINK it was Sir Isaac Newton who
> > was remarked upon
> > for NOT doing it.
> >
>I've heard this story said of St Augustine. Any other
>takers anyone?

Augustine was remarked upon for reading *silently*; no comment on the lip 
movement. Most people in the middle ages who could read, did so aloud. 
Silent reading (comprehending the written without a vocal verbal element) 
was regarded as a remarkable accomplishment.

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