pronouncing Neil Gaiman

minnow at minnow at
Wed Nov 12 20:12:58 EST 2003

Sallyp wrote:

>Sounds like the Hay-ey/ High-er debate.

Yeah, only Georgette is dead and Neil very much is not so and can let the
world know how he says his own name.

I think her son says hay, doesn't he?  He did on the radio programme for
her centenary last year, as far as I remember, or rather the way he said it
didn't sound wrong to me, so probably it was the way I have thought of it
as being.

obDWJ, those two ladies shared a birthday or share a birthday, or whatever
it is when one is dead and the other alive.  And E Nesbit was one day off,
but I can't recall in which direction.


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