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Wed Nov 12 19:43:05 EST 2003

Deborah commented

>On Wed, 12 Nov 2003 minnow at wrote:
>|Gaiman rhymes with Lehmann, anyhow.  Just to confuse people.
>Interesting.  'Round these parts, I'd pronounce that second name

Where's that to?  I haven't met anyone who had the name and said it that
way, and I'd've noticed, because it was my name for twenty years.  My
family don't, and I don't think John, or Rosamund, or Lotte did.  How about
the banking family?  (I haven't ever met one of them.)

I did once meet a Frenchman at a convention who was wearing my maiden name
on his badge (same forename and initial, too: I felt a bit strange about
it, suddenly someone else was being me)... and in French he was pronouncing
it Laym'n, too.

Most usually, if people had only met it written down and were not familiar
with it, they'd try for a sort of voiced-h-in-the-middle-of "Le Mans"
effect, or else simply misread it "Lerman".  And if they had heard it but
not seen it written, but knew it wasn't Layman, they'd go for Leighman.


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