reading aloud/writing aloud

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Wed Nov 12 19:43:04 EST 2003

Sallyo wrote:

>----- > Aloud, one also notices if one has fallen into verse-rhythms by
>> the way I did in that last sentence!  Eeek.  Has anyone else on the list
>> found that if they read Shakespeare for any length of time, particularly
>> aloud, they start to talk in iambic pentameter?
>I wrote half a book in it once. Entirely by accident. I'd overdosed on
>Macbeth, (Which may be spelled MacBeth. I have a mental block.)

I don't want to think about it being spelled, it would lead to such an
appalling possibility for bad puns, especially if you are on form.  But
it's usually spelt "The Scottish Play", I think.  :-)

obDWJ, has she ever done an interview about her superstitions?


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