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> I've heard this story said of St Augustine. Any other
> takers anyone?
> Jon


> Gaiman is pronounced "Gay-m'n" according to Neil's own Web site. That
> should alleviate the confusion :-)
> widdy

Yeah, but now it just makes fourteen-year-old boys snigger!
Well, nearly anything can make fourteen-year-old boys snigger.

> Kyla: Actually, according to the man himself, his last name is 
> pronounced
> Gaym'n, not Guy-man. [1] I knew I read that somewhere, and so I've been
> pronouncing his name correctly for several years now, but all my 
> friends
> always ignore me and keep on saying Guy-man. Which looks weird, to 
> boot.

Guy-Man! The MOST manly superhero! He's not overcompensating for 

> *delurks*
> I've heard it of Julius Caesar - I don't know how true
> it is. But Roman literature was written to be read out
> loud to an audience as much as to oneself, and it's
> thought that when people read to themselves, it was
> with lips moving.
> Chris

Perhaps it just goes in and out of fashion. It's impossible to check, 
anyway! Was there ever a big paradigm shift from reading with lips 
a-flap to true silent reading, or have people always done either 
depending on inclination?
This reminds me of something I often wonder: before music could be 
recorded and played back many times sounding exactly the same, did 
people get that thing where a song goes round and round in your head?
Again, how can we check? Comb through old diaries? Hope Pepys mentions 
it? *^.^*

> Not that I know of.  There are no other Dorian E. Grays out there that 
> I've
> seen, though as Dorian Gray without the E., there are many sites 
> dedicated
> to both my literary namesake and some heavy metal band.  And there are 
> no
> other Grainne Duncans out there either.

Perhaps this is a rude question - I really don't mean to be offensive, 
but did your parents give you the name of a fictional character *on 
purpose* for some reason?

> Does one really get a "u" noise from the vowels "ai"?  Is this some 
> thing
> like pronouncing the surname "Sidebottom", "siddy-both-arm"?
> I can't think of any English word in which "ai" is pronounced "u".
> Examples, please, help.

It's not an English word, but what about the Welsh nickname Dai for 
I would say it was the -y sound we were getting, not the -u sound.

> Gaiman rhymes with Lehmann, anyhow.  Just to confuse people.
> Minnow

Groening rhymes with complaining.

>> I can't think of any English word in which "ai" is pronounced "u".
>> Examples, please, help.
> Not English, but the Welsh name Dai rhymes with Guy - however, I agree 
> it
> seems a strange mistake to make.
> Charlie

Charlie and I have great minds and think alike.
This pronunciation of 'ai' always strikes me as logical because I've 
studied Italian, am interested in Japanese and know how to pronounce 
Maori, even if I don't understand it; in all these languages, 'ai' is 
pronounced as in Dai. I never trust English words to tell me how they 
are pronounced with their spelling, especially not names. Thus I've 
never felt confident that I was pronouncing Mr Gaiman's name correctly 
either way.
For that matter, Dai is Japanese for great or big, so Welshmen named 
David get to have an ego trip when in Japan.

> Huh.  I was slightly bummed that Delight was slightly ... Delirious.  I
> wanted her to be more happy, less pre-flaky.  I loved cranky Death,
> though.  She's had such a wonderful attitude adjustment.
> - -deborah

Perhaps he just enjoys writing her as flaky too much to change it. She 
also gets to be very cute in Jill Thompson's shoujo manga-style 
companion volume to 'Season of Mists,' 'At Death's Door'... although if 
this story has a failing, it's that Del's cuteness is played up to the 
point where her insanity just seems, well, cute and goofy, rather than 
genuine and sometimes tormenting.

E you later,
(the artist formerly known as Sarah-neko)

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