pronouncing Neil Gaiman

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Wed Nov 12 18:06:27 EST 2003

Kyla wrote:

>Actually, according to the man himself, his last name is pronounced
>Gaym'n, not Guy-man. [1] I knew I read that somewhere, and so I've been
>pronouncing his name correctly for several years now, but all my friends
>always ignore me and keep on saying Guy-man. Which looks weird, to boot.

Does one really get a "u" noise from the vowels "ai"?  Is this some thing
like pronouncing the surname "Sidebottom", "siddy-both-arm"?

I can't think of any English word in which "ai" is pronounced "u".
Examples, please, help.

Gaiman rhymes with Lehmann, anyhow.  Just to confuse people.


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