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--- Charles Butler
<hannibal at thegates.fsbusiness.co.uk> wrote:
> Chris
> > I've heard it of Julius Caesar - I don't know how
> true
> > it is. But Roman literature was written to be read
> out
> > loud to an audience as much as to oneself, and
> it's
> > thought that when people read to themselves, it
> was
> > with lips moving.
> I'll see your Julius Caesar and raise you one
> Alexander the Great - who did
> it for reasons of military secrecy.

I'll raise my St Augustine with a St Ambrose,
apparently in the 6th book of his confessions
Augustine is astonished to see St Ambrose reading
without moving his lips. 
>From 6.3.3
"But when he was reading, his eye glided over the
pages, and his heart searched out the sense, but his
voice and tongue were at rest. Ofttimes when we had
come (for no man was forbidden to enter, nor was it
his wont that any who came should be announced to
him), we saw him thus reading to himself, and never


Mind, you just because St Ambrose could do and this
was something that astonished a country hick child
like Augustine at the time, doesn't mean that others
hadn't been doing the same thing for centuries. I have
kids here who are suprised that people can read
without moving their lips. (in fact I have many kids
here who are suprised that people do read)


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