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Deborah asked...
> What's the oldest reading-level book people have had read aloud?  Any
> DWJ?  Some of the storiews in Warlock at the Wheel would be hysterical
> read-alouds... But I doubt that's where her strength lies.

My father used to read a chapter of a book every night at bedtime, up till I
was about thirteen or fourteen I think.  Books that I can remember him
reading us...

All seven of the Chronicles of Narnia
All five of the Chronicles of Prydain
Something called "Hostage", YA I think it was, about a kid who got taken
hostage in the Middle East by mistake.
The first few chapters of "Ghormengast" (but we rebelled; I think I was
about 10 at the time)
The Hobbit
The first couple of chapters of "Lord of the Rings" (but we rebelled; can't
remember how old I was then, probably 11 or 12)

There must have been more; he started this when I was maybe 5, but I can't
recall what others.  He does now wonder why I read so much fantasy, though.

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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