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Wed Nov 12 16:09:42 EST 2003

Sarah said...
> > There's also Margaret Atwood's latest - Oryx and Crake. She denies it
> > is
> > anything like SF, but everyone else thinks it fits the genre. No one is
> > denying her literary-ness.
> >
> > Robyn
> In the interview I read (well, skimmed) she said it was *speculative*
> fiction.
> 'Speculative fiction' seems to be what one calls science fiction when
> one doesn't want to be automatically dismissed as writing pulp for
> geeks.

"Speculative Fiction", when used by me and most of the people I know, is a
catch-all term meaning "science fiction or fantasy or horror or anything
else that seems vaguely weird or any combination of the above".  It's just
faster.  Admittedly, I *have* heard people use it to mean "I don't want to
admit I'm writing (or reading) science fiction (or fantasy or horror
or...)".  But that is not the "correct" (by my/my friends' definiton) usage.
(Then again, we are all spec-fic writers, readers, editors, or some
combination of the above.)

Until the sky falls on our heads...

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