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On the two Dennis the Menaces (or should that be Dennises the Menace?), I heard they were invented independently in the USA and Scotland at around the same time, and that the two inventors, instead of suing each other into bankruptcy as would no doubt have happened in our own more enlightened times, agreed a policy of live and let live, and that each would stick to his menacing his own continent.
Having said which, the film of the US Dennis did come over here a few years ago. It sucked.

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Jackie wrote: 
> You all might be thinking about Dennis of Dennis the Menace. I don't 
> think that he died young, but he was estranged from his father, I 
> believe, over the Dennis the Menace comic strip. 

Which Dennis the Menace, the American one (blond-haired, most of the bad things he does are accidental) or the British one (black-haired, has a dog called Gnasher, deliberately bad)? 
(The American one seems more likely- I'd hate to think that the British one is based on real life. Here's a picture of him in unusually mellow mood: 

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