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Rowland, Jennifer A B jennifer.rowland at imperial.ac.uk
Wed Nov 12 05:54:10 EST 2003

Sarah wrote:
> 'Oo-er, what if I had a child and  it didn't  
> like silly books and animals?' The latter is much scarier.
> I mean, if I spawned a rationalist mathematician, I wouldn't 
> know what to *do* with it.

If it's any help, I know a rationalist mathematician and he's very fond of silly books <g> (he likes fantasy, too.) 
My personality is pretty different to my mother's, but we like a lot of the same things, because she indoctrinated, er, I mean, introduced me to them young. You'd probably have enough in common with your child to get along with it.
> I wonder if Fiddle can ever be put back into Cat, so to 
> speak. We know that Fiddle would have to be killed for all Cat's lives to be  
> sacrificed in the garden. Does that mean that Fiddle acts a bit like  
> the nose-ring with Hasruel's life in it, in 'Castle in the 
> Air'? 

It seems unlikely to me but I'm not sure why. 

> If Cat lost his remaining lives would he still survive as long as 
> Fiddle did?  

Fiddle, being a cat with only one life, probably won't live as long as Cat, so we may never know the answer to this one... (when he dies, will he turn back into a violin? And what would you do with something that this had happened to? I wouldn't like to let just anybody use it.)

> Could you use Fiddle to hold Cat to ransom?

I think you might be able to in some way- the principle of contagion, or whatever it's called, where you can hex someone if you have fingernail clippings, ought to work even better if you have one of their lives.

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate. 

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