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> What's the oldest reading-level book people 
have had read aloud?  Any
> DWJ?  Some of the storiews in Warlock at the 
Wheel would be
> hysterical
> read-alouds... But I doubt that's where her 
strength lies.

Actually mine is a Diana Wynne Jones. My ex
husband read The Spellcoats to me while I painted
the living room walls one Easter bank holiday. It
was his first Dwj and he kept asking me questions
about what was going on/would happen next, which
I naturally refused to answer. We'd split up by
the Spring bank holiday, it's the last happy
memory of of the marriage, something like the
Christmas truce in the trenches.

As a child I can't remember being read to by
either of my parents, although I know they did
before I could read! But, before you all feel
sorry for me about that, I should tell you that
my Dad told me bedtime stories he made up himself
about Squidgy Squirrel and his woodland friends. 
I had a teacher who was very good at reading
aloud, unfortunately I loathed her. She read to
us a book about a wolverine in Canada written in
a sort of Call of the Wild style, can anyone help
in tracking that down? 


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