Gaiman's "Endless Nights"

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> Sarah wrote:
> Speaking of reading books to people: Neil Gaiman was doing a signing in
> Bristol this evening, and he says he reads to his daughter Maddy (she  
> must
> now be ten, I think) every night he's at home, and much of what he  
> reads to
> her is DWJ's work.  He handed DWJ the newish *Sandman* collection over  
> tea
> and told her that she was certain to know that one of them had been  
> written
> while he was reading *Dogsbody* to Maddy, so he thought he'd tell her
> first!

Oh! That makes such perfect sense! hee hee. (I'm assuming it's the  
first one with all the personified stars).

I love that these two love each other's work so much. It makes my  
enjoyment of both of them that much greater!


If you can get people to ask the wrong questions, they'll never find  
the right answers.
Thomas Pynchon

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