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Jon Noble jon_p_noble at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 11 18:16:55 EST 2003

--- Sarah <sarah-neko at dove.gen.nz> wrote:

> I'd blame the Rugby World Cup but I'm not following
> it.
So What, It seems a reasonable excuse for many of the
world's ills to me.

Sarah again;
I read that Christopher Milne was so mortified by his
depiction in his  
father's books that he spent his life trying to be
extra manly and died  
early and tragically as a result... or was that the
boy 'Little Lord  
Fauntleroy' was based on? Perhaps they both did it.

I believe CR Milne was rather mercilessly ribbed in
the army, especially about saying his prayers (when
the point of the poem is that he wasn't really saying
them), but he became an author and bookseller in his
own right and died in 1996 at the respectable age of


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