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Sarah sarah-neko at dove.gen.nz
Tue Nov 11 16:52:43 EST 2003

> Minnow: I think that's one of those standard and puzzling
> things.  Nobody knows how somebody qualifies as
> one of the "in crowd" at a school, exactly.  It
> doesn't seem to have anything to do with anything
> about them that can be seen objectively, money or
> clothes or brains or sporting ability or obvious
> markers, it's just something that everyone *knows*
> in some mysterious way.  People arrive as new
> pupils and are instantly "in", or they arrive and
> have no friends for weeks or whole terms, and it's
> impossible to see why.  I've not been a teacher,
> but those I've talked with about this say that it
> is clearly visible and entirely impossible to do
> anything about.

Unless by relocating the class into a parallel universe, where Brian 
Wentworth and Simon Silverson are best friends. As Nan pointed out, 
Brian *should* have been a Real Boy and yet he wasn't, for no reason 
she could really put her finger on.
My question is, did that make Brian into a Real Boy, or Simon into 
something else, or did it just not matter any more?

> Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
> Sallyo.
> (What the hell is this dialect? I started off taking off a character 
> called
> Jimmy from Catherine Bell's Devon Venture, but I think it's gone 
> Mummerzet
> now.

You sound to me like some of the more inbred (possibly cross-bred) 
characters from 'Cold Comfort Farm.'

>> (bad Proffitt joke)
> Melissa: Har har, that is so humorous I have never heard anything like 
> it.  :)

(sheepishly) (well, I am a New Zealander) Er, yes, sorry *^.^* 
Sometimes I can't quite restrain myself. It's like describing hotpot.

E you later,
(the artist formerly known as Sarah-neko)

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