Pooh! (was Re: Re: Witch week)

Otter Perry ottertee at silverwinggraphics.com
Tue Nov 11 13:46:34 EST 2003

deborah wrote:

> What's the oldest reading-level book people have had read aloud?  Any
> DWJ?  Some of the storiews in Warlock at the Wheel would be hysterical
> read-alouds... But I doubt that's where her strength lies.

At the boarding school I went to, the headmistress read Lord of the
Rings aloud to the freshmen.  I went there as a junior, and that's
where I first read it, because everybody there was familiar with
it.  This was just _before_ it became very popular -- that is,
about 1964.

My mother read _The Pilgrim's Progress_ aloud to us when we were
little.  She also read us _The Water Babies_ in the original,
unabridged edition.  I finally read it myself in high school and
I was deeply shocked.  By then I think she would have been, too.

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