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deborah deborah at suberic.net
Mon Nov 10 23:22:15 EST 2003

Lunar Eclipse?  US Election Day?  I dunno what it is, but we're in a
controversial mode.  Even about on-topic postings, we're being snippy.
(I don't exempt myself from this; I'm the one who flamed DWJ.  DWJ!)

Some folks have expressed discomfort with current conversation topics,
and I have to respect that, especially when the threads are off-topic.
So for the immediate future, could we restrict ourselves to on-topic
conversation, please?  DWJ, DWJ books, and other children's and YA
fantasy.  I retract my snark about the SFX article (after all, it's not
fair that y'all only saw the bit I chose to post).  No discussions of
racial politics outside of books, sexual harrassment not counting that
scene in Dark Lord, or anything similar.  Until we get back into our
normal happy mode, which I expect will happen soon, and then we can stop
policing ourselves.

I'm sorry to go into hyper-policeman mode.  This is the third time in a
very short span I've felt the need or been asked from outside.  But that
in itself, I think, is a sign that we're responding badly to earlier
sunsets, or something (Oz, NZ, and isn't someone in South Africa? folks,
pick your own excuse).  Like I said, it's me, too.  But if we spend a
week in "before I hit send, will this hurt or upset anyone?" mode, then
I think things will drop back to normal.


-deborah, hoping I don't have to do this again.  And if y'all catch me
participating in badness, yell at me.  I can take correction. ;)

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