DWJ Tortures Kittens (was Re: Disturbing news story)

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 10 22:43:04 EST 2003

Minnow wrote

Sarah reacted:

>> Ven: I came across a short news item in the 
>> to say that William Mayne had been charged 
>> the rape of a girl under thirteen. I'm aghast.
>If it's true, it's disgraceful. I'm glad I'm 
*not* a fan of his (not
>that I dislike his work, just not a fan). I 
would feel very squirmy.

Because someone whose work one likes is accused 
(not yet found guilty) of
something reprehensible, that doesn't mean one 
needs to feel squirmy.  As I
said before, let's wait to feel squirmy until we 
find out whether this is

I posted this as a news item, when I first read
about it I felt upset and this group was the only
place I could mention it to people who would know
who William Mayne was. I was careful to make no
speculation as to guilt or innocence. As Charlie,
irrc, said my aghastness was for the mere fact of
the accusation and the charge.

I hoped no one would attempt to characterise
either defendant or accusers. I also hoped not to
have to contribute on this subject again. 


<Jon mentioned a case in which a teacher was
guilty of rape after a
thirty year lapse of memory on the part of his 
victim(s).  We have recently
had a high-profile case in the UK in which a 
"media celebrity" I had never
heard of was accused of rape, put through hell 
for many months, lost his
job, finally got a trial rather than a 
trial-by-media and was found not
guilty.  His life is in tatters because of a 
malicious and as it turned out
untrue accusation.  And he has no redress.

See subject line...  The bracketed addendum that 
ought to follow my Shock
Horror Headline reads "(claims someone, who 
doesn't like her for some
reason we don't yet know, who wants to blacken 
her name)".>

The following is not in any way intended to
comment on the original news story: There are
also cases of high profile people who have been
found guilty of sex offences both recent and long
ago. Minnow, you have questioned why someone
would take so long to make an accusation, please
consider that all that time ago as a very young
person they may have been afraid, or thought they
were protecting somebody else, or believed it was
their fault or they may have told and not been
believed. I don't find it surprising that they
continue to seek justice, not surprising at all.


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