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> Kathleen wrote:
> > Does anyone know of some "literary" fantasy (or
> sf) 
> > that she might be able to use to wean her
> > reading group onto specfic?
> Ursula Le Guin- The Left Hand of Darkness, The Lathe
> of Heaven, Always Coming Home.. any of her more
> "anthropological" fantasy. 

I'd second LeGuin. Among SF authors Dick and Gibson
seemed to have achieved literary respectability. I'm
not sure about Attwood - the literary part is there
but the SF isn't so good - although I've not read oryx
and crake, but I did not think the sf elements of
Handmaids tale were all that good, although I enjoyed
it as literature. On the other hand i loved Blind
Assassin although that is only associationally SF. For
literary fantasy I notice that Gaiman's American Gods
seem to have been taken up by reading groups.
Maguire's Wicked perhaps. Geoffrey Ryman, Christopher
Priest, China Mieville, Michael Swannick are other
As the Lord of the Rings has been voted in several
surveys as the greatest novel of the 20th century i
suppose that qualifies it too.


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