name doubles

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at
Mon Nov 10 21:00:27 EST 2003

> Sallyo said:
> Do any of you have name-doubles out there?

hordes of the buggers, and you'd that Jon Noble
wouldn't be all that common, but it is. When I first
started teaching it was in the isolated mining town of
Broken Hill in the centre of Australia. The first time
a went to movies there before the main feature was a
documentary - about Broken Hill by a Jon Noble! At my
current house when we got the electricity connected
they were very puzzled because they had me living at a
different address just down the road - another name
double although in that family, I have since found
out, it is actually John (father) and Jonathan (called
Jon - son) - as they have an unlisted telephone number
we sometimes get their mail sent by people trying to
find them through the phone book. Whenever I try a
vanity google I come across quite a few other Jon
Nobles, and I'm not even the first! There is a
computer nerd, I think from Argentina - somewhere
Spanish speaking anyway - who gets his name in lots,
that film maker is there too, a member of a heavy
metal band gets lots of hits too. There are about a
dozen others who I can identify as well.
The best name double story I have is one of my
grandfathers. He was a soldier in the New Zealand army
in world war 1, and once he was on leave and went to
visit his relatives in Ireland. There was another
soldier in his train compartment but they didn't speak
until the ticket inspector checked their leave passes,
he looked at my grandfathers, then the other soldiers,
then at my grandfathers again, then compared the two,
and then handed them back without saying anything. The
two soldiers were puzzled and so they compared leave
passes - and realised they were both named Lloyd
Alexander Noble. It turned out the other soldier was
on leave from the British army and was going home
because a relative from New Zealand was visiting, and
both had been given the family name for the oldest
son. When I try googling that name most of the hits
are for an American oil millionaire. I see all sorts
of "Kind hearts and coronets" scenarios....


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