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Mon Nov 10 17:12:07 EST 2003

Jane Scarlett asked about WW as ballet:

>> No, I am not joking.  It's being choreographed at present.  I may have
>> to wait a while for the actual production, though, apparently the music
>> isn't yet ready.
>Who is doing the music?  And can you give us more details when it's
>produced please?

If it comes to anything I shall certainly let the list know what's going
on.  At the moment I don't think DWJ is entirely clear about what's
happening or who is doing what over what timescale: it all seems to be
somewhat nebulous, let's say.

Tom Armstrong is the man writing the music.  I don't know whether that
means anything to anyone here.  I am ignorant, and I haven't encountered
his work.

I *think* he's waiting to do that until the choreographing lady has decided
which bits of the book she wants to have in the ballet because they fit the
feet.  As it were.


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