DWJ Tortures Kittens (was Re: Disturbing news story)

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Mon Nov 10 17:12:09 EST 2003

[ Disclaimer: As far as I know DWJ has never caused any felines even the
slightest discomfort, with the possible exception of feeding them worming
pills.  I put this in because I would hate anyone to misunderstand my
intention in using this particular shock tactic, and it may be that there
is no accusation so daft that someone might not take it seriously.]

Sarah reacted:

>> Ven: I came across a short news item in the Guardian
>> to say that William Mayne had been charged with
>> the rape of a girl under thirteen. I'm aghast.
>If it's true, it's disgraceful. I'm glad I'm *not* a fan of his (not
>that I dislike his work, just not a fan). I would feel very squirmy.

Because someone whose work one likes is accused (not yet found guilty) of
something reprehensible, that doesn't mean one needs to feel squirmy.  As I
said before, let's wait to feel squirmy until we find out whether this is

Jon mentioned a case in which a teacher was found guilty of rape after a
thirty year lapse of memory on the part of his victim(s).  We have recently
had a high-profile case in the UK in which a "media celebrity" I had never
heard of was accused of rape, put through hell for many months, lost his
job, finally got a trial rather than a trial-by-media and was found not
guilty.  His life is in tatters because of a malicious and as it turned out
untrue accusation.  And he has no redress.

See subject line...  The bracketed addendum that ought to follow my Shock
Horror Headline reads "(claims someone, who doesn't like her for some
reason we don't yet know, who wants to blacken her name)".


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