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Melissa said...

> On Sat, 8 Nov 2003 22:53:22 -0000, Dorian E. Gray wrote:
> >> >I thought it was a little too much to make Jarback both physically
> >> >disfigured and emotionally unstable.
> >
> >Well, but physical disfigurement does sometimes have that effect on a
> >person's mental or emotional processes.  It seemed reasonable to me.
> Sometimes it does, but not always, and the fact that he was the "villain"
> seemed to me along the lines of beautiful things being good, and twisted
> ugly things being evil.

That's one way of looking at it, I suppose - but I never saw him as the
"villain".  Okay, yes, he does a very bad thing when he lies to Emily about
her talent (but I was never impressed with her for taking one person's word
as gospel, anyway!) and thus gains her hand in marriage under false
pretences, so to speak.  But I've never thought he was *bad*.  Just confused
and screwed up.  After all, he does eventually have the sense to realise
that he will never hold Emily's heart, and the grace to give her up.  Which
says to me that although he does wrong, he is good at heart.

> It seemed that
> Jarback's condition was symbolic of who he was inside, which is why I
> thought it was too much.

Um.  Yes, I think I can go with that symbolism.  But don't forget that aside
from the twisted spine, he is described as a handsome (possibly even sexy!)
man.  Which could symbolise his being basically a decent person with just a
bit of a kink in his thinking.

> But I was also half-expecting him to be the hero,
> based on Emily's first perceptions of him, so some of that was
> disappointment in who he really turned out to be.

I'm inclined to think that for all his flaws, he's more of a hero than
either Teddy or Perry.  But I freely admit that I am very much biased in his
favour; I think he's a stronger and more interesting character than either
of the other two.  Personal taste, perhaps.

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