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> I find it so odd when that happens - relatives with the same first and
> last names. But I suppose it happens often enough or Sophie couldn't
> have convinced anyone saying she had two great-nieces both called
> Lettie Hatter. You'd think people would check with their relatives to
> avoid duplication... I have a younger cousin also called Sarah but that
> is all right as her surname is different.

I was born in Brockport, NY. Jennifer Heise, daughter of David Heise.

The other David Heise, resident in Irondequoit NY, a second cousin, also
had a daughter and named her Jennifer.

Outside NY state, Heise is a very uncommon surname-- the two possible
German roots would be written Heisey or Heis outside of the Canal region.
(In fact, when we moved to Pennsylvania Deustch country, people would
always write it down Heisey. And pronouce it Heisey.)

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