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Mon Nov 10 15:47:09 EST 2003

> Deborah:
> Now, I know that there's an unwritten rule that authors
> have to pretend/feel scholarly criticism misses the boat.  But DWJ has
> written scholarly criticism herself.  "The Heroic Ideal" about her own
> work, and "Shape of the Narrative" about Tolkein.  So it stings more
> than it would from a different author.  She's putting on a face for the
> magazine, and it's aggravating.

I think her reaction that the criticism missed the point of what she 
was doing is legitimate; she knows better than anyone what she was 
*trying* to do (I believe in authorial intentions too) and if people 
haven't seen that or somehow misconstrued it, it's disappointing for a 
writer. The remark about suppressing the lot is what's unfair. It's not 
as if it's going to lose her readers! Let the little postmodernists and 
deconstructionists have their fun. Her books will still be what they 
are, for anyone to read and witness the truth thereof.

> Strictly speaking it was called just Changeover. It was her first 
> published book (1970 I think), for adults, and not fantasy - though 
> it's pretty fantastic in its plot. It's set in a small African country 
> about to acquire independence from Britain.
> Charlie

No wonder I hadn't heard of it, then! Is it 

> Do any of you have name-doubles out there?
> Sallyo.

I once received email from a madwoman who believed I was trying to 
steal her identity and swore at me a lot. I don't think she'd met 
anyone with the same name before and it rattled her. How embarrassing 
that a bearer of the name Sarah Dove should be demented.
I think my mother said she had a university lecturer named Doctor Dove 
who she heard had a daughter named Sarah, so there could be at least 
one other.

E you later,
(the artist formerly known as Sarah-neko)

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