Name doubles

deborah deborah at
Mon Nov 10 15:16:59 EST 2003

On Mon, 10 Nov 2003, mecha godscylla wrote:

|Megan wrote:
||Of course, my legal name is Margaret, which gives me this woman as a
||Margaret Knight, queen of paper bags.
|Since I've never heard of her before and she hasn't been lionized, or not to
|my knowledge, I hope she at least made a stinking mint off her patents.  If
|not for posterity, then for lucre!  ;)

I learned about her just a few weeks ago, when in my library school
reference class one of our weekly assigned reference questions to answer
was "I heard on NPR that a man invented square-bottomed paper bags, but
somebody told me it was a woman.  Who was it?"

Never postpone committing violence you are inclined to commit at
once. Later on, you might not be as pissed off.
-- The Sith Handbook

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