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Mon Nov 10 14:02:28 EST 2003

>On Mon, 10 Nov 2003, Robyn Starkey wrote:
>|I am so irritated by that paragraph Deborah quoted from the magazine I
>|could spit. I can't even complain about it coherently at the moment.
>I want to assume that the magazine quoted her out of context, because it
>is the project of a fan magazine to keep the sharp divide between
>scholarship and "when the author thinks".  Even so...

Hmm, I'm sure there is more explanation to it.  But it raises the question 
in my mind of - what was she doing in her work that she didn't see being 
perceived in the book?  It seems, from here, that her comment was addressing 
some perceived gap, possibly in a specific essay.

I can't help but hear the words of Quentin Sykes echoing in my mind, "I 
dont' care what the structuralists think! Tell me what you think!"  Or words 
do that effect, since my AG is packed away in a box somewhere (not neglect - 
- we are moving).  But despite that pesky echo, it is very likely not at all 
applicable here, only slightly resonant because of circumstance.

To know all is to forgive all, probably!  ;)


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