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Mon Nov 10 13:43:40 EST 2003

>I sometimes collect books that share titles or author names. I have 
>two books called "Castle in the Air". One is DWJ, the other a 
>mediaeval romance (I haven't actually read it) that has a famous 
>cover. The heroine has three arms. I also have books by two authors 
>named Monica Edwards... and I tried to contact a third one, who 
>wouldn't play :-(  There're two other people named Sally Odgers in 
>Oz, too. One writes essays and wins prizes (she's younger than me) 
>and the other is at Melb. University. I have yet to locate another 
>Diana Wynne Jones though...
>Do any of you have name-doubles out there?

There's a Nathaniel Case Cup, for (I believe) the best junior women's 
crew team in the Ivy League. The Nathaniel in question is a former 
crew coach at Yale and I believe is a doctor in New York or 
Connecticut or somewhere. He was mentioned out to me at a party I 
went to in New Haven many years ago.

Turns out there's also a Nathaniel Case who's a grad student at 
University of Wisconsin in Madison.

That's what I've found Googling myself. Oh, and that "NAT case" is a 
not-infrequent phrase in computer science...

Nat Case
Hedberg Maps, Inc
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