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Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Mon Nov 10 12:20:26 EST 2003

>Er, do you really think that's the implication?  I've only read the 
>sequel, _Postmodern Pooh_, but wouldn't have thought that was the point at 
>all.  If pushed, I'd have said it was to explain, while lampooning (or 
>perhaps to lampoon, while explaining!), major figures in recent literary 
>criticism.  None of the ones I recognised had gone near children's lit, 
>but were being sent up for their own style of writing or behaviour in 
>their own fields.  If anything, many of them might think children's lit 
>was 'beneath' them, which makes them all the more worthy of 
>parody!  ;-)  (Stephen Greenblatt is one of these figures, and he's my new 
>lit crit hero, so I'm not dismissing literary critics or anything.)

Greenblattis hardly cutting edge postmodern: his school of criticism - new 
historicism - is in some ways a reaction to the more po mo extremes of 
deconstruction. I'm not knocking Greenblatt, I use his ideas all the time, 
and I think they are very useful for medieval and early modern lit.

I am so irritated by that paragraph Deborah quoted from the magazine I 
could spit. I can't even complain about it coherently at the moment.

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