DWJ's Changeover

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 I do.  There is another Kylie Ding out there.  She is a distant relative.  My sister has a name double from that branch of the family too.  But that one is an evil twin.  She has been in trouble with the law and my sister has had police turn up looking for her.  The other one even caused my sister problems when she tried to join a video library where the evil twin had long overdue videos.
And when I used my married name I even had a name double then.  She was my husband's cousin.

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I sometimes collect books that share titles or author names. I have two books called "Castle in the Air". One is DWJ, the other a mediaeval romance (I haven't actually read it) that has a famous cover. The heroine has three arms. I also have books by two authors named Monica Edwards... and I tried to contact a third one, who wouldn't play :-(  There're two other people named Sally Odgers in Oz, too. One writes essays and wins prizes (she's younger than me) and the other is at Melb. University. I have yet to locate another Diana Wynne Jones though...
Do any of you have name-doubles out there?

Strictly speaking it was called just Changeover. It was her first published book (1970 I think), for adults, and not fantasy - though it's pretty fantastic in its plot. It's set in a small African country about to acquire independence from Britain.


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