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On Sun, 9 Nov 2003, Charles Butler wrote:
|Btw, I recommend *The Pooh Perplex* as an antidote to excessive

Though the Pooh Perplex is troubling in other ways.  The implication of
PP and its recent sequel is that trying to find deep meanings in
children's lit is silly.  Which we all agree, it isn't.

On a similar note, I got very irritated but the recent DWJ article in
SFX (which I had my sister send to me: "you can buy it, and read the
David Boreanaz / Joss Whedon article, and tell everyone it's for your
sister so you're not a dork").  She rather rips on Exciting and Exacting

	I was flattered initially and then I read it ... all this stuff
	about post-modernism and deconstruction -- some of it seems to
	be somebody running beside and simply not noticing what I was
	doing.  I wish I could have supressed the lot, actually.

Now, I know that there's an unwritten rule that authors
have to pretend/feel scholarly criticism misses the boat.  But DWJ has
written scholarly criticism herself.  "The Heroic Ideal" about her own
work, and "Shape of the Narrative" about Tolkein.  So it stings more
than it would from a different author.  She's putting on a face for the
magazine, and it's aggravating.

Yes, there are some very obscure pieces in the volume, but unless she's
quoted way out of context, she's dissing the entire concept of analysis
of literature.  And I didn't get into this business because I care what
authors think (or I'd be in the wrong business!) but it is aggravating,
as I said, coming from someone who's *written* crit.

-deborah, commiting the cardinal sin by being snarky about She We All
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