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Sun Nov 9 06:35:18 EST 2003

Jon Noble wrote:

>> this figure of 10%, which I took straight off the
>> top of my head simply
>> because it sounded easy for the idiot reporters who
>> were hassling me to
>> remember, has been being quoted ever since: as far
>> as I know it has no
>> basis in fact of any kind.
>There was an international survey published recently
>that iirc gave a figure of 17% for Australia, I don't
>think it was "gay" as sexual orientation, but rather
>had had a gay sexual experience, or desire, or
>something. I also recall being a bit dubious about the
>way the data was collected. I'll see if I can look it
>up. I know that Australia scored 2nd in the world and
>the US was first. I have seen the 10% figure bandied
>about on occasions, now I know who to blame. If I ever
>need to use it I can quote a source. :)

Only for London in the late sixties, I never said more 
than that!  :-)

I think Kinsey came in at about 17% as well, some time
about then, but I didn't (and don't) remember exactly,
and anyhow would a News of the World reporter have got
that right?  And their criteria were I think much as
you have suggested above: not a lifestyle thing.

Whatever; one thing that has been established is that
when asked, for a survey, almost everybody said they
would not hesitate to lie about their sex-life in the
context of a survey.  So I don't believe *any* of the
statistics, me.  It makes it ever so much easier.

Might as well make 'em up, that's what I say.  Like 
the officials did for the most recent UK census, for
which they filled in extra forms to make it look more
plausible and make it fit what they wanted it to say.

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